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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any questions on our web site or products, please take a few minutes to review the below questions and answers.

1. Is my online order secure?

Yes! Our payment process partner is PayPal.com . Your online transactions are safely encrypted and sent over Secure Socket layers(SSL) and processed on secure servers. When placing an order, your Internet Explorer Browser will also show the Lock symbol at the bottom-right corner (see below image ):

2. How soon can I get the products I ordered?

After you place your order, we will ship the products within three business days by registered air mail. We ship products worldwide. Depending on your local postal system, your products will normally arrive in 5 to 10 business days. If you want to have faster delivery services like UPS or Fedex, feel free to ask us for a quote. Please note, we are not responsible for item(s) damaged or lost by the Postal Services or delivery companies. If you haven't received your order after 4 weeks, please contact us.

3. What's the shipping and handling fee of the products I ordered?

Depending on the size and weight of the product, we charge US$6.00-US$15.00 for each item in your order. You can find the actual shipping fee at the check out page.

4. Where will the products be shipped from?

Most of our products are shipped from China because they are mostly made in China.

5. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

Besides, wire transfer money is also accepted. Contact us for details.

6. Do I need to be a member of Paypal to make the payment?

No, you can make the payment through the Paypal system regardless whether you are a member of Paypal or not.

7. What currencies do you accept for the payment?

We accept payment in US$, CAD$ and other major currencies.

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